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April 24th, 2011 by Gino Burgio

It has been an amazing ride with Civil Drone! I am thrilled at how much support we received in such a short amount of time! Although the this does not officially mark “the end” of Civil Drone Music, it does bring forth a new era in song writing and exploring music under my new project, officially known as “Gabriel-BG”. Although there will still be some edgier, hard rock style songs written with the “Civil Drone” spirit injected into them, the pallet of feelings and styles will be a little more open and diverse through “Gabriel-BG”. Be prepared for more melodic driven, heart-felt, hooky music exploring into the Alternative Rock/Pop genres! 

Again, thank you kindly for your support and love and I look forward to providing you with more emotive and meaningful original music! Life is a journey, not a destination, and the world is our canvas, I’m proud to leave my mark inspiring each and everyone with songs that come from a much deeper place from all the growth I’ve experienced in the past couple years!






We are thrilled at how AMAZING 2012 has been going thus far! Some big things coming up in the near future and we already have been blessed with the amount of support we have been receiving from our fellow drones! We can’t begin to thank each and everyone that came out to The Downtown Cafe in Bristol this past Friday. There were many familiar faces that have come time and time again, and there were some new faces that we were very surprised to see! We were able to meet some new friends as well and as always give out free CD’s to anyone interested. When you spread the love, we are humbled to do so in return. Sincerely, we thank each and everyone for coming out. Check out some of the pictures below of that night!


Our fellow drones showing the love


Our fellow drones showing the love

WOW! So much has been going on lately. Our gig calendar continues to get more and more shows, and we are meeting more and more friends and adding to the Civil Drone Family. Awesome show with Project7 and Klokwize too, we will definitely be sharing the stage again soon! Ok, this is actually pretty huge…. we advanced to the next round of Radio 104.1 WMRQ Talent Warz 2! We couldn’t have done it without each and everyone’s vote. We seriously can’t begin to thank all of you for giving us another opportunity at this competition which will be April 6th with all of the other contestants that have advanced. Here is the YouTube video!


Gingles and Tony taking a phone pic at Radio 104.1 qualifying round at Up or On the Rocks! “Hey, how do you work this thing?”

The crowd at All Stars! These guys love music!





It’s been a little while but I just wanted you to know that tracking has been going really well on the new album! Drums are done and we’ll be soon be onto Bass and Guitars! Such a cool experience to solidify our original tunes. Some new shows are starting to emerge and we’ll soon be announcing some very exciting news! Oh yeah, a very special thank you to Mike Chaiken for his interview with us in the local paper. Thank you so much Mike, we really appreciate the support and can’t wait to give back to you and the community!

We have been very busy lately wrapping up our final  shows of the year as well as refining some new material for our EP scheduled to be released early 2012. We will  also be announcing some very exciting news at our first show scheduled for 2012, so you will not want to miss that! At this time on Thanksgiving Day that this post is updated, we would like to give a special thanks to those of you that continue to support us during our begging stages.  A HUGE thank you goes out to John Kuleza. You have continued to support us in a big way and we wanted to extend our appreciation of you and acknowledge your contributions. Thank you.

So as we wrap up 2011, we must say that it’s been a wonderful journey thus far. In what was supposed to be a series of select shows while tweaking our lineup and onstage chemistry, turned out to be a year with many opportunities! We’ve added to the Civil Drone family  many new “Drones” that have inspired us to reveal our souls and give every last drop of energy to you on stage.

We look forward to starting off 2012 with a bang with a  new permanent addition to our line up (Jesse Froebel- Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) as well as new music and working with new industry professionals to help us  get to our goal which is expanding our “Drone” family, writing inspiring music and making each and every show more energetic and exciting then the last.

We look forward to seeing you out there bigger, better and with a new fire to share with each of you.



We are very excited about our recent performances since we’ve last checked in! We continue to meet new friends who are sure to come to future shows which is always a rewarding experience as well as meeting new talented bands such as Little Ugly, Deadfish Handshake, and Yokodevin. We crossed state lines to play at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee MA, and were warmly welcomed by a venue very excited to hear original music! As always, we had a great time at Bleachers in Bristol and look forward to playing future shows including the show we have scheduled with Hearts & Thieves October 8th!


Wow! It has been a while since we’ve had a chance to say hello to our our fellow Drone’s in the cyber world, since we’ve been having such a sweet time playing out and hanging out in person! We can’t begin to thank all of our friends and family that have continued to show support. It is especially beautiful to be meeting so many new faces and adding to our family!

We would like to especially thank the Downtown Cafe in Bristol CT for such a wonderful night! The locals totally were digging the original music! We totally have to give a shout out to Advanced Booking and Entertainment for inviting us to rock the stage at the 3rd annual Rock Ur Ink Off event. There were plenty of amazing bands there, including our new friends Deadfish! Oh yeah, since we’ve been gone we also had a great time at The Webster Underground! As always, nothing but the best original music .

We look forward to another exciting weekend as we get ready for Mad Murphy’s Cafe (thank you Cubed Squared) as well as Bristol Risings Pop-up Piazza festival! Again, we have so much to look forward to, including our debut with our new line up at our hometown in Bristol at Bleachers. This place rocks, and we can’t wait to see you all there!

As always, much love for the continued support of Ken, Ashley, Doug, Phuc, Zethe, Brenden, Kellie, Marjorie, Eric, Elmar, Tim, Steph, again…too many to list, but it is insanely appreciated!

Until next time!


Latest Pictures!

We had a great time playing at The Corner Pocket! We especially would like to thank Ken, Steph, Kristen, and Greg for coming down!

Currently we are working on refining originals, writing some new originals, and getting some tasty cover songs ready to play out with our new  line up! We are thrilled to have Anthony Iris on board with us now, who will be our permanent bass/guitar player. He has acclimated to the band very nicely and is already proving to be a valuable asset!

Can’t wait to start playing out real soon, we have been working hard and have begun to settle into our new versatile roles. Hope to see you out there real soon (especially our boy Ken)!

Gingles ~ Civil Drone